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Here are some fun activities to promote colon health. Use these for a lunch and learn or for your next wellness fair. Half of all people over 50 have diverticulosis and colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the US.

Activity 1 - What do these foods have in common?

1. Using the handout: Protect Your Colon, in this issue, make a display of foods that can help protect against colon cancer. Be sure to include shoes for exercise and sunglasses for vitamin D.

2. Ask participants if they know what these foods have in common and encourage them to guess.

3. Give your audience the answer: colon cancer protection!

4. Explain the importance of obtaining nutrients and fiber from a variety of foods.

5. Have participants work on a colon danger display. They can include photos of red meat, alcohol and sedentary activities.

Activity 2 - Cooking Demos

1. Prepare a large salad or smoothie with skim milk and fruit. Emphasize the importance of consuming enough fruits and vegetables and show them that these are two very easy ways to incorporate them into your meal plan.

2. Make a vegetarian taco bar and have everyone make their own taco. This is a great way to use more beans.

3. Grill it safe. Prepare chicken breast with marinade and grill using foil.

Activity 3 - Fiber Swap

1. Assemble a variety of foods made with white flour and refined grains. Examples include white bread, rolls, bagels, sugared cereal, white rice, cans of soup made with white pasta, cakes, cookies, boxed rice dinners, frozen meals.

2. Next, make a list of foods that are high in fiber that are great replacements for these foods. Examples include oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, white whole wheat flour, brown rice, barley, whole wheat bread, whole wheat mini bagels and whole wheat crackers.

3. Play a game where participants have to match the high fiber food replacements to the low fiber refined foods. You can even have contests where individuals can play match them up for time and whoever can match them the fastest wins. But if everyone learns to use higher-fiber foods they all win!

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