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Age Ideas

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, came up?with a great idea for kids that?has spurned a new product?set. We wanted to share it here?for members so they could use?it for class ideas, too!
8 Applications of Health - Most?kids know what an ?App? is -?either they have an iTouch or?iPhone, or their friends do, too.?Why not come up with 8 applications?of health?
Here is her list:
1.i-move - don?t sit
2.i-choose - better choices
3.i-drink - not so much soda
4.i-read - food labels, that is
5.i-fruit/veg - more more more
6.i-measure - portion control
7.i-order - do better when out
8.i-health - what is health?
It is based for today?s kids who?need to move more and make?better food choices.
Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD?has what she calls 4 for 40+ for?adults:
1) Eat what you love, but LESS?of it. By not denying yourself,?but just taking less you won?t?notice the difference and you?won?t be eating as many?calories.
2) Grow UP your eating. In Hal?Edward Runkel?s?book, Scream-Free Parenting,?he talks about ?growing?yourself up? to parent more effectively?and essentially more?calmly. I equate his concept?with what we need to do once?we hit 40, grow up when it?comes to what you choose to?eat. Try to refine your tastes to?include MORE (what I call?Grown Up fare) plants including?fruits, vegetables, beans,?legumes, whole grains and?vegetable oils.
3) Savor what you eat. Take?the time to eat mindfully by?eating more slowly and really?tasting your food.
4) Keep the metabolism up?with movement.
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