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Jill Weisenberger, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., uses the SMART approach: Jill told a story about a patient who really suffered from the diet mentality and one other who embraced moderation. She showed everyone a 5-pound block of fat and said it can come off in 5 weeks or a year or some other amount of time. One fun mindful eating exercise was to eat a chocolate drop quickly and one slowly. Then she showed a bunch of ways to make simples changes in diet - nothing super strict. She also talked about SMART goal setting.

Specific Measurable Action Realistic Timely

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The study published May 4, 2011 in JAMA that showed that salt does not affect heart disease has a response from Dr. Jay: “If we know that increased salt raises blood pressure (BP) (something this study also found) and that increased BP raises the risk of dying from CVD how could this study possibly mean what its lead “researcher (and MD)” says it means? This makes as much sense as studies show- ing being overweight in older Americans reduces the risk of dying or that diets high in saturated fat don’t promote heart disease.” Find a paper with over 200 references at foodandhealth. com, click on CPE at the top then scroll down to Salt Toxicity.

Sing a jingle to excite everyone about fruits and veggies. These fun jingles, rhymes, and quotes are from Anne Goodman, RD, CDN, CDE:

(To the tune of “Everything’s Coming up Roses”)

You’ll be swell, You’ll be great

Heap those veggies up high on your plate

Eat your beans

And leafy greens


They’ll give you iron & calcium!

You’ll be swell, You’ll be great

Eating well helps determine your fate

All types of beans

Are great proteins

Guess what

They help to lower cholesterol!

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