Potato Messages

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Potatoes are a popular vegetable. One reason is because everyone loves French fries. Another is because people think potatoes are a fattening carbohydrate to be avoided at all cost.

While fad diet ideas and French fries are not going anywhere anytime soon, don't leave out an important culinary treat that is low in calories for its weight and delicious never mind fast to prepare.

Here are the week's potato messages that can be used on social media and health messaging.

  • One potato weighs about 7.5 ounces yet it is only about 110 calories. Consider that a 7.5 ounce serving of French fries would be about 684 calories and the same sized serving of potato chips is over 1100 calories.
  • Easy ways to prepare potatoes include microwaving, baking, and boiling.
  • A potato contains almost 5 grams of fiber if served with the skin and it is a great source of many important vitamins and minerals.
  • Try Greek yogurt and salsa for delicious potato toppings instead of piling them up with butter and cheese.
  • One potato costs about $1.55, making it a nutrient-dense bargain food.
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