Announcement: Poster Contest Winners

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ih3 Announcement: Poster Contest WinnersI am blown away by your creativity.

We did another poster contest last month, and the submissions were fantastic!

Out of over 100 wonderful entries, 5 lucky people sent in truly outstanding submissions, and these 5 will be receiving the prize -- an I Heart Fruits and Vegetables poster of their very own.

So, what made their entries stand out from the crowd? See for yourself!

I work in a tribal outpatient health clinic. The tribe has not had a dietitian, or really any nutrition education, in several years. I've been in the job a little over a month, and I am quickly finding that the patients here truly believe that chronic diseases are just a part of life, and nothing they do can change that.  I'm trying to change the perception that the 3 Ds are inevitable (the 3 Ds are Diabetes, Dialysis, Death, and I have been told that this is just what everyone expects to happen in their lives). As I’m trying to get a nutrition program started here with no allotted budget at this time, any free materials are helpful. I would hang the poster in our clinic so that all the patients could see it. I would use it as a starting point for a discussion about healthy eating and how it can reduce the risk of diabetes that is so prevalent in the community, or how it can help slow the progression of the macro- and microvascular complications of diabetes.  My goal is to empower people so that they believe they do have the power to improve their health. 

-- Allison Appletoft

I am a Certified Diabetes Educator at a large Medical Center. I work primarily in the Outpatient Endocrinology Clinic. I try to keep the waiting area filled with colorful and informative posters to try to capture the patients’ attention. Posters are an excellent tool for communicating factual information to patients that can help them improve their health. If I was lucky enough to win a poster I would post it in the main waiting area of the outpatient clinic so the patients could benefit from the valuable information on the poster.

-- Barbara Putre

I work for a school district. I would like to display this colorful poster in an elementary school cafeteria. My hope is that the bright colors would attract young students to see the beauty of fruits and veggies and give them a try!

-- Yvonne Potsko Moonier

The poster will be displayed at The Barry Food Pantry on the wall where families sign in for food.

-- Lillian B Bowen

The poster is AMAZING!  I am a dietitian that works in a clinic outpatient setting.  I would hang this poster in my office and use it to educate the patients that I see.  It would make a great addition next to the MyPlate poster that I use.  Please pick me!!

-- Kimberly

Want to try any of these ideas? Get your very own copy of the I Heart Fruits and Vegetables poster and get cracking!

Oh, and another poster contest is in the works, so stay tuned!

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