Pop Quiz! How Many Calories?

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Most people don’t realize that most restaurant food and meals away from home are usually much higher in fat, sodium and calories as compared to what they prepare at home. Take our quiz to check your menu knowledge!

Quiz: 1. How many calories are in a child-sized cheeseburger?

a) 100 b) 250 c) 300

2. How many calories are in a small order of fries?

a) 100 b) 230 c) 550

3. How many mg of sodium are in a fast food grilled chicken salad?

a) 1000 b) 960 c) 550

4. How many calories in a 16-ounce chocolate shake?

a) 1300 b) 580 c) 320


1. c) 300 which is not bad except that you will only get 4 ounces. Consider that the same amount of cooked pasta is just half of that or about 157 calories. Plus if you add 230 calories for fries and the same amount for a drink you are at 700 or about half a day’s calories for a very small meal.

2. b) 230 for just 2.5 ounces. The same amount of a baked potato has just 65.

3. b) 960 which is more than a half day supply for most people. One you make yourself has less than 200.

4. b) 580. The problem is that it has over 20 grams of fat. If you really like chocolate milk, choose the 1% for just 170 calories or skim milk which has just 100 calories.

Source: McDonalds.com, accessed 08/09.

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