Pin the Tail on the Plate

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This is a health-based game that is to be played by any size group of people. The goal of the game is to use the Five basic food groups and name as many food products and healthy meals that fall in to each group. The team with the most points in the end wins.

WHAT YOU NEED: -USDA My-Plate Poster -A Blind fold -A scoreboard -A timer -Plastic Fork, Spoon, or Spork.

Begin by making teams to play the game. Depending on how many people are playing make two or three teams, make sure they have an even number of players.

Once the Teams are set up take the USDA My-Plate Poster board and place it against the wall. If you can have a form board of type under it so when you pin the board it does not go in to the wall leaving holes.

On the floor in front of the poster use colored tape to make a line going back about three feet or less from the poster. This is the line that players will follow when playing.

Pick a score keeper/ Judge, this person will be in charge of keep- ing track of the points and de- cide who the winner is. This will also be in control of the timer.

Each team must pick what they will be using to spin on the board. They can pick from a plastic fork, spoon, Spork. Using double edge tape to one side of the utensils this will be what the teams pin to the poster.

Now pick which team will go first. Flip a coin.

One Player from one team is blind folded and given a pin. Two members from the other opposing team take the blind folded player and spin them three times in a quick circle.

They must stand on the colored tape and walk on it towards the poster. Without looking they must pin a food group. Also, both teams must stay quiet and not help the blinded player while they try to pin a food group.

That team now has fifteen sec- onds to come up with at least five foods or healthy meals. If all five listed items are right the team gets five points. But if one or more of the foods is not healthy the other team has a chance to take the points. If the other team is able to name will get the five points instead.

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