Pastry Brushes: Snacking’s Trump Card

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Presentation Matters:

Nut Butter BaseSometimes all you need to pep up a snack is a little bit of pizazz. Instead of pouring a bit of dip or a dollop of nut butter into a dish to put on the side of your snack, consider making it into a line on the plate and arranging the rest of the snack on top of it.

But how do you get a fancy line like you’d find in a restaurant? That’s where a pastry brush comes in.

The brush featured in this photo is a silicone pastry brush, and it makes spreading these nut butters (and other sauces) a total snap!

Swipe the Plate!

There are lots of ways to spread sauces and nut butters to make healthful and gorgeous snacks! Try any of the following…

  • Nut butter with celery and raisins arranged on top.
  • Salad dressing or a Greek yogurt dip spread with fresh vegetables and toasted nuts sprinkled over the plate.
  • Fruit puree swirled over the plate, sprinkled with fresh fruit and a dollop of Greek yogurt.
  • Nut butter swiped down the plate with slices of apple and a drizzle of honey arranged along the line.
  • Greek yogurt dip in a squiggle across the plate, with fresh herbs and multigrain crackers sprinkled throughout.

Like what you see? Here's the handout -- get your copy today!

Pastry Brush Handout

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