Pasta Primavera Salad

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Here is a sample page from our newest book, Salad Secrets.

It shows the best way to save calories - by using a lot of veggies. This Pasta Primavera Salad contains 6 cups of veggies to 1 cup of pasta by volume. The photos allow you to view just how to make all of the ingredients and how to serve them.

We know you will love serving this salad for lunch or dinner when you want to make something really healthy and low in calories and sodium.

Find out about the Salad Secrets book here:

And while you are there in our store, watch our free show on how to present 20 different salads - this is great to use at home or for foodservice -  we promise these pix will inspire you to make your salads more healthy and beautiful!

And now we have a way for you to get the 40 best recipes with photos on your iPhone/iTouch (and coming soon for iPad):

Salad Secrets App for iPhone

It costs just .99 and you can use it to email as many recipes as you want to friends, clients, colleagues and yourself!

And here is the link to the PDF file for the handout:

Pasta Primavera Salad Handout

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