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Food and Health Communications Becomes National Strategic Partner with USDA and MyPlate

Food and Health Communications is a National Strategic Partner with USDA and MyPlate.

August 12, 2011, Louisville, Colorado

Food and Health Communications is proud to become a National Strategic Partner with the USDA and Myplate.

"By partnering with USDA, corporations win, USDA wins, and the American consumer wins. That's a win-win-win situation!" (Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture)

Food & Health Communications is a private publisher dedicated to creating fun, engaging nutrition education materials for professionals and teachers to make a difference in their clients' lives. Materials are based on peer-reviewed, current scientific information that follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate. Food and Health Communications does not accept advertising or funding by any outside organization.

Food and Health Communications, Inc. maintains four websites with key resources that support Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate messages in full:

  • FREE materials, timely messages: features many free educational materials for consumers and food and nutrition professionals including healthy kitchen lessons and updates, food and nutrition clipart, a health observances calendar for food and nutrition and recipe library.
  • features over 300 high quality teaching materials that include posters, powerpoint shows, interactive games, handouts, tearpads and lesson plans plus free handouts and posters for food and nutrition professionals.
  •, a member library and newsletter service is read by thousands of professionals each month and there are many handouts and articles which change each month as free samples.
  • features healthy cookbooks.

Food and Health Communications features fun test drives and makeovers for MyPlate. Some of their best community service articles and resources, which are free include:

12 Things We Learned From MyPlate - Here are the 12 things we learned about MyPlate after working with it all week. We read almost all of the pages on the USDA site, performed makeovers on over 8 meals and created a slide show that is over 70 slides. We like it a lot and were amazed that it works even with fast food.

MyPlate Test Drive - watch what happens when a McDonald's value meal turns into Myplate - about 600 calories saved!

2010 Dietary Guidelines Released - The focus for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines is to battle our obesity epidemic. Obesity is crippling us as a nation financially and it is impeding the progress of students, workers and families. Here is the morning transcript of the introduction as well as links for more.

Good Library Here - The research keeps going in one direction in our opinion. That is, the data is consistently showing that diet and exercise are so important for better health to avoid the debilitating chronic illnesses that keep most Americans from enjoying their golden years and causing a huge amount of money spent on healthcare dollars every year. Here is a link with tips for using the research library that forms the basis for the Dietary Guidelines.

MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines Clipart

Recipe Collection: Over 800 recipes that adhere to the Dietary Guidelines and are great for using MyPlate - built on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein; low in sodium, too. Many dairy recipes with skim milk and yogurt are found here as well.

Free My Plate Materials - download now from the

Free MyPlate Test Drive Handout - save calories with MyPlate

Free Game Download: Pin the Spoon on the Plate - makes great practice for food groups and creating healthy meals. A fun game for My Plate

Order form for MyPlate products - download and order by phone, fax or mail.

National Strategic Partners - National Strategic Partners** will consist of companies/organizations that are national in scope and reach and also fulfill the following requirements:
a) They must have a health mandate consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americansand the mission of the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion (CNPP).
b) They will promote nutrition content in the context of the entirety of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
c) They will specifically disseminate CNPP's Dietary Guidelines messages.
d) They will participate in CNPP sessions to develop and execute a joint strategic nutrition promotion plan annually.

Food and Health Communications was formerly a Corporate Partner with MyPyramid and they look forward to supporting the USDA in their important work with MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines. Let no American be left behind in the journey towards a healthier nation.

For more information contact Food and Health Communications here for email or call 800-462-2352.


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