As nutrition and wellness professionals, many of us have clients that want to lose weight or “have more energy,” which are totally valid reasons for seeking our help. Food impacts so many health conditions from arthritis to obesity and without adequate or balanced nutrition, weight and energy levels are...

Putting together a comprehensive and engaging cooking demonstration is hard work -- but that's about to change.

Looking for compelling nutrition posters to brighten your walls with motivation and education? You have come to the right place!
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The average salt intake of Americans and all modern societies far exceeds what is needed and this excessive intake appears to be promoting many serious diseases including elevated blood pressure (BP) and hypertension (HTN). There is also no doubt that HTN is a major risk factor for damage to the heart and vascular system contributing ... Salt Toxicity Promotes Inflammation
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Increasingly, Americans are looking to genetic tests to offer personalized nutrition and health advice. Nutrigenomics tests attempt to identify how an individual’s genes and various nutrients interact. But are these tests helpful? Here is a list of six things to consider before buying a nutrigenomics test... Do you really need to know? Much of the advice ... 6 Considerations Before Buying a Nutrigenomics Test

Just 5 years ago, if you wanted dinner delivered, your choices were likely pizza, Indian food, or other Asian cuisines. National pizza chains dominated the market while local restaurants offered delivery only in various neighborhoods. What started as a phone or online ordering has now become available at the...
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Veggie burgers originated in England in 1982 as a plant-based ‘hamburger’ option for people who preferred a vegetarian eating style. That first product was sold as a dry mix; simply add water, form it into a patty, and cook. Gardenburger released the first commercial veggie burger in 1992 and...