The phrase “what’s for dinner?” has certainly changed as more people are staying home, restaurants are often only offering take-out, social distancing is eliminating group meals, and grocery stores intermittently have limited stock. A former coworker posted online that she was doing some homeschooling and grown-up training with her...
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One thing that this reviewer has learned over many decades as a registered dietitian and nutrition research specialist is that the nutrition field has always been prone to diets, fads, and what might be called irrational exuberance about the claimed health benefits of a wide variety of food supplements....

Health fair prizes or incentives can move games, presentations, and activities from good to great!

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Have you ever noticed that the less food you have in your house, the more likely you are to have cheese and crackers for dinner or order take out food? A new study evaluates how the quality of our diets is affected by how often we grocery shop. A recent study published in the Journal ... How often you shop may impact what’s in your cart
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Thanksgiving may look different for many families this year. Less traveling and fewer large gatherings may result in more turkeys and meals being cooked at home. If you only cook turkey once a year or this is your first big bird…here are a some tips that can help you get ahead of the task: You ... Some Things Stay the Same: A Different Kind of Holiday Safety

We’ve been discussing how inflammation impacts your risk for arthritis, cancer, and heart disease, but most people don’t consider the impact on your brain. Most recently, you may have heard reports of how COVID19 survivors suffer “brain fog” and memory loss after recovering from the virus. Experts suggest this...