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Get It Prepped was such a huge hit that it got me thinking about other series we've tried on the blog. You all remember the Eating in Color series about fruits and vegetables we ran a few months ago, and of course there was the deep dive into the scientific report from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, but what were our top series of all time?

The answers are below. Here are three great series that will help your clients make healthful choices with a smile.

Kitchen Hacks Our Most Popular Series

Top Series #1: Kitchen Hacks Remember this one? These are short and simple ways to elevate your cooking and make your time in the kitchen more fun. Over my many years as a professional chef, I've learned a lot, and these are my very favorite kitchen hacks...

MyPlate Our Most Popular Series

Top Series #2: The Vegetables of MyPlate MyPlate has 5 distinct subcategories, and this series explores every single one. Each post takes a closer look at what is in each MyPlate vegetable subgroup, which nutrients they contain, their health impact, and how to make them part of a balanced eating pattern. There are lots of fresh recipes and even PDF handouts!

Flavor Booster Our Most Popular Series

Top Series #3: Flavor This 10-part series focuses on healthful ways to boost the flavor of meals and snacks so that making healthful choices is easy and fun. These posts feature photos, handouts, an in-depth guide to health and flavor, and loads of amazing recipes. This would be a lovely newsletter series or cooking demo guide too.

And that's the list -- our top 3 series on the blog. Which one is your favorite?

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