Olive Oil Tip: A Photo (Worthy) Finish

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I have learned SO much about olive oil over these last few weeks, and now I'd like to share some quick tips with you.

Today we're starting with one of my very favorites: olive oil as a finishing oil.

You see, it's not a great idea to heat the really fancy-pancy olive oil. In cooking with it, you can lose its subtler flavors and even some of its nutrients.

To get the most bang for your buck, use nicer olive oils only for finishing off a dish.

Olive Tree Olive Oil Tip: A Photo (Worthy) Finish

Using olive oil as a finishing oil can also offer substantial health benefits! Here are a few examples...

  • Olive oil is a high-calorie food. By using it as a finisher, you'll use less than you often do when cooking with it. And it will be front-and-center in your dish, so you'll appreciate the flavor more.
  • Replace sodium- and empty-calorie-laden salad dressings with a drizzle or two of your favorite olive oil for a tastier, more luxurious salad. Add a fun vinegar for extra pop!
  • Use olive oil to dip your bread or toast instead of slathering it with butter or margarine. You'll replace unhealthy saturated and trans fats with the much healthier unsaturated fats in olive oil, and your snack will have more nuanced flavors.

This is just the beginning of our olive oil series, so watch this space for fantastic videos, recipes, and olive oil shopping tips!

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