October 2020

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October 2020 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members:

Table of Contents:

  • Read-offline PDF newsletter
  • Research update for professionals
  • White label newsletter
  • Shareable articles and handouts
  • Graphic of the month
  • Special member-only discounts

Read-Offline PDF:

Here's the entire PDF edition of the October 2020 Newsletter, ready for you to download to read offline, print for your next meeting or presentation, or distribute however you see fit!

Professional’s Corner:

Article Links to Share with Your Clients:

  1. Spicy Fall Chili, by Judy Doherty, BS, PC II
  2. Chicken Tacos by Judy Doherty, BS, PC II
  3. Reading Food Labels to Find Healthy Foods by Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDCES, CPT, CHWC
  4. Reading Food Labels: Whole Grain Spotlight by Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDCES, CPT, CHWC
  5. Go Nuts! by Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD
  6. Nuts and Weight Control by Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD
  7. The Health Impact of Vitamin D by Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDCES, CPT, CHWC
  8. Sources of Vitamin D by Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDCES, CPT, CHWC

October Graphic:

Peppers Assorted Shapes and Colors

Editor's Note:

Dr. Kenney has an amazing article about risk factors for dementia that is absolutely worth a read this month -- don’t miss it! There are also great looks at food labels from Lynn Grieger and a deep dive into the health impact of nuts from Lisa Andrews. And have you ever wondered about the health effects of vitamin D, or which sources of vitamin D might be best for you? Well, Lynn Grieger has you covered!

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