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I know your days are busy. I know your planner is packed. And I know that new resources can really make a difference for you and your clients.

Today I want to share a free version of one of my very favorite resources: the white label newsletter.

You may already know that my team and I put together a monthly newsletter full of handouts, research, professional tips, monthly nutrition resources, and more. I release it on the 10th of every month, and here's the best part: I'm always a month ahead. In other words, I release the May newsletter on April 10th, the June newsletter on May 10th, etc. That way you have plenty of time to plan what you need before the next month arrives!

The monthly newsletter is available exclusively for members, and they also get a bonus. That bonus is the white label newsletter, which is an abridged version of the monthly newsletter that members can rebrand with their own logos.

Recently, Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD, and a Food and Health Communications member wrote to me to ask "I have one question - if I order the gold level and I want to use your newsletter to put on my website which will same me a ton of time,  can I use my byline of “eatwell2bewellrd” at the top of the newsletter?"

The answer to her question is yes. That's why the white label newsletter is so great! It offers useful nutrition and health information in a format that will make your life easier while helping you look your very best, right now.

As a special treat, today I want to share the member-exclusive May white label newsletter, right here, for free! If you like what you see, feel free to slap your own logo up there and distribute it as your own.

May White Label Newsletter

Consider signing up for a membership to get this great white label newsletter, plus 6 brand-new printable handouts and a whole slew of nutrition and health education resources every month! It's absolutely worth it, I promise.

And here are a few other materials that will help you look your very best, fresh from the Nutrition Education Store.

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Become a premium member today and get access to hundreds of articles and handouts plus our premium tools!

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