Nutrition Month Display Ideas

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Want to engage your audience when it comes to vital health and nutrition topics? A Nutrition Month display could be the perfect answer. The Nutrition Month theme this year is “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right,” which lends itself really well to a variety of amazing displays.

Will you make one this year? If you do, check out this list of things I’ve learned from setting up tons of displays…

Don’t Skimp on Visuals. Visuals will be your “make or break” when it comes to participant engagement. With a colorful, intriguing display, you can pique people’s interest and bring them over to learn more. Once they’re engaged, you can delve further into the information you’re trying to communicate. Posters and banners are a fun way to keep the visual game alive while offering the lessons that are closest to your heart.

Use Color Wisely. What will be the most likely to resonate with your audience? A monochrome display with a splash of color at the most interesting points? An artistic display with lots of photos? A colorful, whimsical arrangement? Tailor your strategy to fit your clients and their preferences.

Consider a Question. Most displays have a title or theme of some kind. Consider incorporating a question into this main section of your display. Questions can help you engage your audience from afar. You want to ask something that people genuinely want to know the answer to. Skip a dull title like “Saturated Fats” and instead ask a question like “What are Saturated Fats Doing to YOUR Heart?” People are more interested when there is a tangible link to their own self interest. “Is Chocolate a Health Food?” is another fun question because people genuinely want to know whether the answer is yes.

Add Detail Where It Fits. Once people have been drawn to your display, it’s time to strengthen the point you’re trying to make. What will support your case? Now that you have their attention, it’s time to teach those key lessons! Handouts, recipes, and scientific studies are all great resources for this section. Just make sure they don’t take up too much space — you still want your display to be eye-catching. Don’t overwhelm people with fine print.

Those are just a few ideas to get you started! How will you craft your next display?

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