Nutrition Label Math

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Now that the FDA has finalized an updated Nutrition Facts label that will be going on packaged foods across the U.S. by July 26, 2018, it's time to learn how to use that label to its best advantage.

After all, the Nutrition Facts label is packed with great information.

In addition to calories per serving and serving size, people can also see how much sodium a food contains, whether it has any added sugars, roughly how nutrient-dense the food is, and much much more!

To make the label more approachable to your clients, I've created a brand-new Nutrition Facts Math handout!

Here's a preview of the text, which assesses the sample label below...

Nutrition Facts Label

How many calories are there in a single serving of the food on this label?

Now calculate how many calories are in the entire container:

How many grams of added sugars are in one serving?

How many grams of added sugars are in the entire container?

How many macronutrients are featured in a serving of this food? What about micronutrients?

If you like what you see, get the handout for free!


Remember, we're here to help you look your very best, right now.

If you'd like to give your clients even more tools to better understand and use the Nutrition Facts label, then don't miss the members-only post Reading a Food Label in 3 Easy Steps. Those steps are all summarized in a colorful new handout that you can access only through the post!

And here are some other fantastic food label resources...

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