How to Make a Nutrition Handout

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Nutrition Handout TemplateWant to make an engaging and memorable nutrition handout?

There's no need to re-invent the wheel -- we've been testing and tweaking our handout templates for years. Put our research to work for you today, with this free handout template!

Here's how it breaks down.

Title: Yes, you need a catchy title. Choose something short, clear, and memorable. Follow it with a subtitle that highlights the main point of the handout in more detail.

Main Points: This is where you offer the most important information on your subject. You can use bold text to highlight key points or the subject of each paragraph. Bulleted lists can also be useful. These help people break down information into manageable pieces.

Illustrations: Whether it's a chart, graph, picture, or drawing, it's a good idea to include some art in order to appeal to a wide range of learning styles.

Sidebar: Do you have a point that you’d like to expand upon? Or maybe a related subject to highlight? A sidebar is the place for that. It's also a great spot for a "For More Information" section or collection of web links.

Make sense?

All right, then it's time to move on to the next phase.

Here is a copy of the handout template, just for you! Let us know what you do with yours -- we'd love to cheer you on!

Nutrition Handout Template


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