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One of our favorite media dietitians called and she was frantic. Her request? She needed an 8 hour bootcamp for a PowerPoint presentation to a group of marketing experts for a food company.

Of course she only had a week so she needed our help. We worked on it with her and loved the idea of a bootcamp so much we wanted to share what we did for this presentation.

When you consider that there are many sources of nutrition information, from textbooks to food labels plus dietary guidelines and recommended daily intakes, it is mind boggling on how to put it all together never mind keep the most important messages clear.

Here is the outline for the show:

Nourishing Basics: carbs, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, energy “problem” and obesity stats; key messages were shared for each group along with the text book definition and common sense recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines. For example, for the carbohydrates, we shared that a textbook will define them as simple or complex but in the grocery store you have to be concerned with refined versus whole and high fiber.

Assessing the State of America’s Plate - the report card from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Introduction of MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines along with the most popular charts from the Dietary Guidelines

Nutrition Facts Labels and claims plus NuVal grading system tips

Beverages and sugar Newtrients (phytochemicals, probiotics, sterols, fiber, etc.)

Trends: gluten free, organics, spices, sweeteners

We enjoyed working with this dietitian. Our favorite slide is in the beginning and it shows how each person’s eating habits are defined by many things including geography, values, culture, taste, lifestyle, childhood experiences and much more.

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