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Holiday MyPlate PosterWouldn't it be great if you had a new nutrition poster in time for the holidays?

Well, now's your chance! The poster contest is back, and just in time for all the festivities.

This month, the poster that could be yours is the ever-popular Holiday MyPlate poster. This poster is one of the top 3 most-purchased holiday resources in the Nutrition Education Store. It has earned great feedback and has been used in everything from office decoration to health fair displays. Plus, its creative and colorful design is as versatile as it is engaging. What's not to love?

To enter to win this poster, all you need to do is finish this thought...

Wouldn't it be great if I could __________.

As a nutrition educator, what do you wish were easier? What do you wish were more available? What resource is missing from your repertoire? Now's the time to dream big!

Are you ready?

Use the link at the bottom of this article.

Of course, if you want this poster now and can't wait until we announce the winners in December, then you can buy the Holiday MyPlate poster today! It's even on sale!

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And, as always, there are lots of other bright and colorful posters in the store. Check out the latest and greatest...

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Here's the link. Enter to win today!


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