November Poster Contest Winners

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Holiday Poster ContestAre you ready for the unveiling of the November poster contest winner?

Last month's poster contest was a little different. Instead of uses for a brand-new poster, I wanted to hear about your dreams as a health educator. What do you want? What do you strive for? I was totally impressed with all the responses as I read through each and every one.

It may come as no surprise that I once again had a hard time choosing a winner. You had all submitted such thoughtful and compelling answers. But I knew a winner had to be chosen, and it was ultimately Emily, a dietetic intern from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois.

Emily answered the question, "What do you wish you could do as an educator?" with "I wish that I could remove the stigma associated with school lunches so that all students can enter the lunch room with an open mind."

This answer leaped from the page, especially in the face of the anti-school lunch campaign that was recently waged on Twitter. Imagine what you could do if you didn't have to worry about all the stigma that is currently associated with school lunches!

Emily really got me thinking, and I plan to use her response as I create new materials for our store. Oh, and I just had to ask Emily what she is planning to do with the poster she won. Her answer? It's either going into her office or it'll be donated at one of the schools where she interns. What great ideas!

Do you have the same wish as Emily? If you do, there are a few materials that might make a good first step. Consider the following...

Of course, I found so many of the contest submissions compelling that I just have to share a few of the "honorable mentions." Here they are, along with some resources to help people with the same dreams start down the path towards making those dreams a reality...

209 November Poster Contest Winners"I wish I could educate all newly diagnosed patients with diabetes and all with A1c of 8 or more. Increase awareness, propose on hiring CDEs and get this epidemic in control."

"I want to teach people to eat healthy using inexpensive ingredients. Food can be used smartly for preventing diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension just to mention some. I want to use the materials as a resouce in my cooking classes for my Spanish Speaking and English Speaking patients."

"As a CHF educator being able to teach my patients the benefit of eating healthy would enable me and them to have a better quality of life."

What's your dream?

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