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Take this quiz to find out how our nutrition education newsletter services can best help YOU!

Which scenario best describes what you are doing right now to obtain and pass out nutrition education information:

I just want to read your newsletters.
I use the ideas in my practice or classes.
Subscribe for free.

I want to read your best newsletters.
I use the ideas in my practice and I would love to have more information including access to all of your great handouts.
PLUS I would love to pass out a white label newsletter to my clients (print and handout or use as an attachment in emails).
Join our premium membership service.

I am sending newsletters to a few clients and I can write them myself but
I would love to have access to more great content so I can make them really great.
Join our premium membership service.

I would love to start sending newsletters via email so I can grow my practice.
Help me get started! I think I can do it myself!
Join our new email marketing program and select the BRONZE choice.

I would love to start sending newsletters via email each month and
I want you to write the newsletters and send them for me on a regular basis.
Join our new email marketing program and select a GOLD choice.

Here is the white label newsletter from Communicating Food for Health Premium Membership and Newsletter Service.

January2014_Page_1 January2014_Page_2 January2014_Page_3 January2014_Page_4

Here are the premium newsletter and handout pages from Communicating Food for Health. Members also have access to thousands of articles, handouts, recipes and clip art each month plus occasion cards:

January2014Handouts_Page_1 January2014Handouts_Page_2 January2014Handouts_Page_3 January2014Handouts_Page_4 January2014Handouts_Page_6January2014Handouts_Page_5

January2014Professional2_Page_1 January2014Professional2_Page_2 January2014Professional2_Page_4 January2014Professional2_Page_5 January2014Professional2_Page_6

Join now and get 20% off.

Read one email comment we just received, "First of all, thanks so much for the most stimulating materials and up-to-date articles available to nutrition professionals on the Internet.  You are, hands down, the BEST and I love how everything you create is applicable to real world situations." --Susan G. Kordish, MS, CNS, LDN, Premier Planning & Management, LLC

Here is how we have helped our subscribers:

Suzanne Luchetti, RD, is a busy RDN who counsels clients. This month she saved a lot of time by using our Communicating Food for Health membership library and custom handout request service. Suzanne received all three handouts delivered to her inbox plus we added them to the library so other CFFH members can use them as well.

  • One client needed a handout with ideas and recipes for high-protein, high-fiber breakfasts that can be prepared in 5 minutes or less at 4:00 A.M. when she has to get ready for work.
  • Another client is trying to drink more water but needs to learn how to make flavored water so she can wean herself off of soda.
  • And another elderly client with diabetes needs information on resistant starch and fiber.

Mary Ann Hammerle RDN, LD, needed information on an anti-inflammatory diet and we emailed our latest articles and recommendations from an advisory board member.

And Kathy Braaten needed articles and handouts on diet and mental health for an upcoming presentation. We found 10 excellent research summaries for her.

Melissa Dalton, MS, RD, just took advantage of our Communicating Food for Health research service to make a stunning PowerPoint presentation for a corporate client. She was presenting health and nutrition benefits of holiday spices, plus delicious holiday recipe handouts. We were happy to help her and we know we saved her a lot of time at the last minute.

Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, has found that many of her clients have "carb phobia" or they think that any food that is colored white is not nutritious. I am sure you read or hear many common misconceptions about health and nutrition every day. She is one of our authors and has shared her experience and tips in the Communicating Food for Health library.

Beverlee Williams, BS, RN, CDE, needs to translate articles into Spanish for her church population. We gave her a private tour and tutorial over the phone and she was up to speed in minutes. Other subscribers have requested Thai, Chinese, Russian and Arabic and they enjoy the language translation tools coupled with over 10 years of articles that cover every topic.

Become a premium member today and get access to hundreds of articles and handouts plus our premium tools!

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