Mystery Veggie Game

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Marsha K. Weaver uses this game with a variety of audiences, from kids to older folks. It is easy to do, and you can vary it with seasonally available produce.

1. Place a variety of common and unusual vegetables and/or fruits in clean crew-type socks.

2. Pass the socks around the group. Have each participant feel and smell the item through the sock (without taking it out) and write the name of the item they suspect on a sheet of paper, numbered from 1 to whatever number of items you are using.

3. After everyone has had a chance to feel and smell the items in the socks and record their answers, ask for guesses and pull them out one by one. Discuss the nutritional aspects of each item and possible preparation methods or favorite ways of eating. Sample some of the more unusual or exotic items.

4. Depending on budget and type of event, you can sometimes give some of the produce items individually for prizes or put several in a basket for a bigger prize.

This idea can also be used for wellness fairs. And it will make a GREAT fun game for National Nutrition Month this year since the theme is centered around fruits and vegetables.

Here are our favorites for fruits:

• star fruit – fun shape

• kiwi – beautiful color

• avocado – used like a vegetable but botanically it is a fruit

• tangerine – easy to eat on the go

• lemon – great for salads

• apple – great for snacks

• pear – easy to guess but makes a great snack

And here are our favorites for vegetables:

• sweet potato

• broccoli

• carrot

• zucchini

• egg plant

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