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Does MyPlate Save Calories?

A double cheeseburger and large fries has 940 calories. You might not realize how many calories as you drive through to get your meal. Further, everyone is used to the packaging: a small box of fries and a sandwich wrapped in paper. It is a value meal that you can get in about 5-8 minutes from a drive through!

But, we took this meal home and put it on a dinner plate as you can see in the picture to the right.

All of a sudden, the perspective changed. If you were cooking at home, chances are you would not “overfill” your plate the way this din- ner did coming out of the package.

AND the best part is that MyPlate is a great system that helps you balance your meals and get the required fruit and vegetable servings.

In order to change this meal to a healthy plate we put one patty, one half bun and removed the fries. Then we filled half the plate with a salad.

The outcome? We saved over 600 calories. The healthy plate method is only 300 calories and it provides a plate that is half veggies and 1/4 starch and protein.

Ways to Improve Your Plate:

Add more vegetables!

Keep portions small.

Bake foods rather than frying them.

Avoid processed grains.

Consume fat-free dairy products.

Choose low sodium breads, frozen foods, canned foods, and soups.

Drink water instead of sugary bev- erages.

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