MyPlate Relay

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This MyPlate Relay will get students moving!!

MyPlate Relay

You need:

• Lots of pictures of food.

• Several MyPlate posters with the sections made into pockets.


Divide group into teams of 4-6 children each.

Put the myplate posterss on one side of the room.

You can either divide the food pictures among the groups, or mix all the pictures on the other side of the room.

Have the groups on a third side (part of the goal of this game is to get the kids moving).

At the start signal, the first child in each group picks a food picture, runs to the poster, places it in the correct pocket and runs back to his or her team to tag the next player.

Player two repeats the action, and so on, until all players have run or all the pictures are used.

To make it more demanding, each team would have to choose a picture from all food groups, so their plate has at least one food in each pocket when they are done.

The first team to correctly place all their pictures wins, or the team with the most correctly placed pictures at the end of a specified time wins.

By CFFH reader Mary Keith

Editor note: you can also have the kids color a large poster like myplate and set it on the table. Have them arrange the food on the plate according to the food group.

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