MyPlate Meal Makeover

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It's time for another MyPlate meal makeover! This time we're focusing on pizza...

My Plate Meal Makeover: Use MyPlate to give pizza a better nutrient profile

Modify Your Pizza Pie:

Swimming in grease on a refined grain crust, this 860-calorie pizza is not exactly the healthiest thing to cross your plate. How can we make it more balanced? Why, with MyPlate, of course!

Top that pizza with a bit of lean meat and only fill half the plate, instead of the whole plate. That space is dedicated to the meat, dairy, and grain groups, which in this case is the pizza. Then fill the rest of the plate with fruits and vegetables — we’ve featured a side salad and a handful of baby carrots. Voila! Now you’ve reduced the calorie count to 273 calories and given the fiber, vitamin, and mineral content a serious boost! Since fiber helps you feel full for a longer period of time, this meal will also be more filling, and all for a fraction of the calories.

Lunch Meal Makeover Details:

Using MyPlate to make over this meal saves you 587 calories!

This new meal is far higher in nutrients, especially fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also lower in empty calories than the first plate.

You could make this meal even better by replacing the refined grain pizza crust with a whole grain crust. Furthermore, if you replaced the full-fat cheese with low-fat cheese, you’d seriously improve the nutrient profile!

The greens in the salad add a whopping 112% of your daily value (DV) of vitamin A and 28% of your DV of vitamin C.

The carrots add 10% of your DV of fiber and 5% of your DV of potassium.

If you'd like to share this makeover with your clients or add it to your collection of nutrition education resources, get your very own PDF copy of the handout today!

MyPlate Meal Makeover Pizza

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