MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines Update

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Last week I had the privilege of attending the USDA MyPlate National Partner's meeting at FNCE. Food and Health Communications has been a partner since 2011 when MyPlate was presented after the 2010 US Dietary Guidelines.

The 2020 Dietary Guidelines process is well underway now. You can check progress on these important new guidelines as well as see the existing ones for 2015 to 2020 here. The U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services are working hard to make the whole process very transparent and are posting consistent updates to their website.

The USDA MyPlate staff is also working hard to provide a new campaign for 2020. They announced that theme will be titled, Start Simple With MyPlate. It is important for educators to help individuals have a simple and clear start for their path to better health.

IMG 4348 MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines Update

Here is an overview:

The Start Simple with MyPlate campaign provides ideas and tips from the five MyPlate food groups that Americans can easily incorporate into their busy lives to help improve their health and well-being over time. There are many ideas that fit a variety of food preferences, health goals, lifestyles, and budgets. Starting simple can lead to realistic and positive lifestyle changes to achieve a longer and healthier life.

Use and search the hashtag #StartSimplewithMyPlate and check out the new site

We will be working on ideas in the weeks and months to come.

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