Munchy Mondays

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Here are ideas from one reader to help college students eat more healthfully while on campus.

Here at Iowa State UniHere at Iowa State University, we have contracted with Dr. James Painter, Chair of the Dept of Family and Consumer Affairs, to speak on March 1, on campus for a free lecture to a student population of 26,000 and the Ames community of 25,000. He has collaborated with Brian Wansink on a couple articles on portion sizes. Dr. Painter’s presentation is entitled: “Portion Size Me: Why We Eat More Than we think.” The Committee is working on completing sponsorship

On each of the Monday’s of March ----- we are advertising “Munchy Mondays” where a free piece of fresh fruit will be passed out to all persons approaching our table on central campus. We are attempting to purchase fruit the students don’t get in the residence halls.

Each Wed evening of March----dietetic students and I will be presenting a 15” piece on several topics; the same topic will be repeated 4 times in an hour, so that attendees can come and go. They include but are not limited to: An exercise in mindful eating;
Bugs and Booz: practice safe food preparation and behaviors while on spring break; Fuss Busters: become a competent eater and food provider and finally, the last Wednesday, a display table with spinning wheel promoting basic nutrition.

Each of the Wednesday events, we will give away NNM stickers to each person attending and inexpensive household cooking utensils for winners of the game questions/challenges.

Judith M. Trumpy RD/LD, Program Coordinator
Office of Prevention, Education and Outreach

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