Move to Lowfat Milk or Skim Milk

Cathy Fitzgerald, MS, RD, and the MFit nutrition staff at the University of Michigan Health System would like to share some activity ideas that they have done with small groups of up to 30 people.

“Moo-ve” to Lowfat Milk

Several WIC Projects in Wisconsin are initiating a campaign to get their WIC participants to realize the benefit of switching from whole or 2% milk to 1% or skim milk. It is called Moo-ve to Lowfat Milk or 1% or Less, YES!" Laura Graney, Project Nutritionist at Sheboygan County WIC showed her "Moo-ve to Low-Fat" display at their regional WIC directors' meeting this spring. Laura had a colorful board with pictures of cows. She included all the colored caps from different types of milk.

Various levels of fat per serving, along with nutrition facts were pictured on the board next to each type of milk. This proved to be an excellent visual comparing the fat content of each milk type. In front of the board, Laura had empty plastic milk cartons from each type of milk. She attached, by string, a tube of fat equivalent to what a serving of that type of milk would have in it. The fat tubes were ordered through Nasco but they could also be made quite easily.

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