Display Idea: Highlight Healthful Foods

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Stoplight IdeaWhen it comes to creating engaging displays, do you ever get stumped?

Looking at a space that you want to use and finding yourself bereft of ideas can be really frustrating. We've all been there, and it stinks.

That's why I'd like to share my latest bit of display inspiration with you today.


Stay with me here. You know those mosaics that use a bunch of little pictures to make a big picture? For some reason, I've been dreaming about using pictures of healthful foods in a mosaic that promotes good nutrition and overall health.

One of the most compelling versions of the nutrition education display mosaic is a stoplight made from food. I was thinking that the pictures that make up the green light could be healthful, nutritious foods, while the pictures that make up the yellow light could be foods to eat in moderation, and foods that make up the red light should be ones eaten only on special occasions.

It would be easy to put this idea into action. You could use pictures from magazines, drawings, or photos from the internet. Or, if you love taking food photos, you could use those. The possibilities are endless!

RainbowOf course, every good display could use a catchy title. For this one, I was thinking about Ready, Set, Go! or Nutrition's Rules of the Road. What do you think? What would you call this display?

But the mosaic fun doesn't end there.

You could also make a healthful food rainbow along the same lines. This mosaic could highlight the natural colors of healthful foods, with pictures of red foods making up the red stripe of the rainbow, orange foods making up the orange stripe, etc. What a cool way to promote healthful choices!

In terms of title, I love the idea of Who Needs a Pot of Gold When You've Got Good Health? or Nutrition: The Rainbow Connection.

What do you think? Do any of these ideas inspire you to create your own displays?

By Judy Doherty, PC II and Founder of Food and Health Communications, Inc

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