More Tips for Summer Survival

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Sidestep summer pitfalls with this handy guide!

Try FrisbeeVacation Right:

Take a vacation, but not from exercise or healthful habits! Here are a few tips for a balanced vacation…

  • Make Physical Activity Fun! You don’t need to pass up time at the beach or pool to slog away at a hotel gym. Instead, find fun exercise opportunities wherever you travel. Swimming, kayaking, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, and jogging are all great options.
  • Keep Balance in Mind. Yes, vacations are often a time for indulgence, but that doesn’t mean that every meal and snack needs to be an exercise in over-the-top eating. Choose one treat per day and try to keep the rest of your meals healthful.
  • Try Substitutions. Looking for a way to cool down? Try sorbet instead of ice cream, or an agua fresca instead of an ice cream bar. At lunch, try a turkey burger or veggie burger instead of a cheeseburger, etc.

Keep Food SafeHave Food-Safe Picnics!

Here's what to do to keep sunny summer gatherings food safe!

  • As the temperature rises, so does the risk of foodborne illness. Make sure that you serve safe food at every picnic, potluck, or barbecue that you visit this summer. After all, there’s no worse way to ruin a day than with food poisoning.
  • Keep in mind that the “two hour rule” becomes the “one hour rule” when temperatures creep up above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t allow food to sit out at room temperature for longer than one hour when it’s 90 degrees outside (or hotter!).
  • Hot temperatures are just right for allowing the bacteria in food to multiply to numbers that could make people sick.
  • Be sure to deal with leftovers promptly too!

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