Menu Planning 1-2-3

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Here are three easy ways to menu plan – the key is to have a plan that works best with your style!

1. Paper

If you sit down and plan your menu on paper you will buy just what you need – it saves money and you go faster in your kitchen – you can be more efficient e.g. make the rice for the whole week, use planned leftovers or have other people do the cooking when you are not there.

• More efficient

• Good way to start

• Great way to see what you need to use up

• Get input from family members

• Get help from family members

• Make a list before you shop

2. Plan as you shop

• See what is in the store and plan around sea- sonal produce

• Plan around store specials and sales • Plan meals as you push your shopping cart

3. Plan as you eat

• Have an abundance of the right items in your pantry/refrigerator/freezer. See the healthy shopping checklist on the left. You can stock up on sale items that are shelf stable or frozen.

• Make healthful meals with MyPlate • Be more spontaneous How to

Here is your 5 step plan for making a menu and shopping list no matter the method you use for menu planning in your house:

1. Decide on 3 healthy breakfasts and what you need to have on hand to make them.

2. List the fruits for the week for snacks and desserts.

3. Decide on the veggies for the week for salads and meals.

4. Include dairy products like yogurt and skim milk.

5. Come up with 5 to 7 entrees – chicken, vegetarian, rice, pasta, fish, ethnic, crock pot, etc. that you want to make for dinner.

Example Menu:

• Vegetarian Chili • Mediterranean Stew • Angel Hair Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes • Pizza • Vegetarian Burritos • Ranch Beans and Baked Chicken • Chicken Cutlets • Lowfat Lasagna

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