Member Tools

In addition to all of the members-only links at the top of the site when you are logged in, here is a guide to all of the tools you can use as a member on


The BMI and exercise calculators are handy tools to use for research and for clients.


The calendar is updated each month to bring you a one-stop link for food and nutrition observances, fruits and vegetables in season, seasonal recipes, and articles that are relevant to each month.


The clipart gallery can be searched by topic, keyword, or month.

News and Social Media Kit

Use this page to view the nutrition news links from government health agencies and to obtain a handy tool kit for social media use.


The member's only recipe tool will allow you to print with the photo from the recipe.

Email and PDF Generator

These enhanced members-only tools that enable you to email articles to clients are at the top right of every article when you are logged in. Use the "envelope" tool to email an article from you. Use the PDF icon to create a PDF file/handout from an article page.



Use the "favorites" link underneath these enhanced member tools at the top right of every text article to create and save "favorites" - once you select one favorite there is a "view favorites" option.

Translator - The translator tool appears on the right side when you are logged in. It will work on text articles. Print them to PDF by using the PDF icon at the top right of the article.