Meet Micronutrients: Zinc

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Now that we've covered vitamin A, vitamin D, folate, iodine, and iron, it's time to wrap things up with zinc!

What Is Zinc? Zinc is an essential mineral that's vital to growth and your body's good health.

What Does It Do? Zinc strengthens your immune system and helps it fight off bacteria and viruses. Your body also uses zinc to build DNA and proteins. You even need zinc for fully-functional senses of taste and smell!

How Much Do I Need? Most adults need between 8 and 11 milligrams of zinc per day. Those needs increase in pregnant and lactating people, and decrease for children. Here's a detailed chart of zinc needs, based on age and life stage.

What Foods Contain Zinc? Fish, shellfish, poultry, meat, and dairy all contain zinc, as do many whole grains and legumes, along with certain fortified foods.

Want a handout with a summary of these fun facts? Look no further: Meet Micronutrients: Zinc

Meet Micronutrients Zinc Meet Micronutrients: Zinc

And finally, would you like to learn more about micronutrients? Don't miss What Are Micronutrients? and the incomparable Introduction to Micronutrients!


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