Mastering Social Media: Resource Edition

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Are you looking to incorporate social media into your business plan? Then we have some tips for you! We first began this discussion back in May, with some simple strategies for successful social media management. Today we'll continue with some of our favorite nutrition education resources...

Managing Your Social Media Accounts: The Resources

  • Hootsuite is a platform for managing social media accounts. You can use it to preset posts, track trending topics, and monitor the effects/reach of each update. It also helps you manage all of your accounts in one place, which makes it easier to use them together. Check it out at
  • GroSocial is another social media management platform that does many of the same things as Hootsuite. It also helps you customize the look of your social media homepages, setting up gorgeous backgrounds, cover photos, etc. Take a look at it at
  • There are tons of other options out there. Do a little research, talk with other nutrition educators, and find the social media manager that’s right for you. It really will make life easier.

Social Media Content Inspiration:

There are lots of places to find content for nutrition-related social media, but they’re only helpful if you know how to find them. That’s why we’ve listed some of our favorites below...

  • Food and Health Incorporated (That's Us!)
    This site reviews the latest food and health news. It explores seasonal cooking, nutrition research, health research studies, exercise ideas, healthful cooking, and much more.

    • Food and Health also offers a calendar that is full of seasonal ideas, from recipes to monthly/weekly wellness themes. See it for yourself at
    • Another part of Food and Health that might lead to some great content for you is the Best Nutrition News Twitter Feed. This feed includes the latest updates from select nutrition educators. View it at

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