Nutrition Month Poster Contest Winners!

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Well, National Nutrition Month is over. We sure had a lot of fun celebrating this year. What did you do for National Nutrition Month?

Beverage Better PosterOne of our favorite celebrations was our free poster contest, which we ran every week on our Facebook page. Each week we asked a question we were dying to the know the answer to, and each week we picked a winning post and gave away a new poster. What fun!

Want to see who won each poster? Let's take a look at each contest question...

Week #1: What is your favorite vegetable?

And the winner is: Marsha Allen

Here's what she said: My favorite vegetable is asparagus.

Want to try asparagus for yourself? Or recommend it to a client? Here are my top 5 favorite asparagus recipes -- for free!

Go for the Whole Grain PosterWeek #2: What did you make for dinner last night?

And the winner is: Carlita Mae

Here's what she said: Whole grain pad Thai with chicken and veggies.

We love the idea of adding whole grains to Pad Thai. For some fun -- and free! -- whole grain recipes, check out the options below...

Nutrient PosterWeek#3: How are you celebrating National Nutrition Month?

And the winner is: Kathleen Lau

Here's what she said: Cooking with my fancy new spiralizer!

A spiralizer helps you slice vegetables very thinly, which makes it easy to turn them into pasta-like noodles. Simply feed the veggie into the spiralizer, and out come beautiful strands that you can use however you'd like. Spiralizing works best with firm fruits and vegetables that aren't hollow and which don't have a tough core.  Think zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, summer squash, etc.

Nutrition from A-Z PosterWeek #4: What Resource Would Make Your Life Easier?

And the winner is: You!

Or it could be! At this point, we don't have any entries in the contest, so we've decided to extend it. Let us know what resource would make your life easier and you could win a free Nutrition from A-Z poster. What are you waiting for? Head over to Facebook and enter the contest today! Winners will be selected by Thursday, April 9th.

So how was your Nutrition Month? What have you got on the agenda to inspire your clients in the months to come? If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to contact us! I love getting requests, and you never know how easy it can be to get exactly what you want unless you ask. And, in the meantime, there's always the Nutrition Education Store!

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