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How a food looks aesthetically can seriously affect people's perception of it.

In order to make healthy meals appetizing, it helps to make them actually look appealing too.

After all, people are more and more used to the overly stylized presentations of food on Instagram and other social media feeds, in restaurants, in food magazines,   and even on the Food Network!

That's why I created the course Spectacular and Professional Plate Presentations.

This 20-hour CPE course is designed for dietitians, home economists, food service managers, dietary managers, home economists, culinary art instructors, and nutrition educators.

Here's a free preview!

The full course features 23 lessons with lectures, videos, skill building assignments, and a chef's critique of photos from dietitians and foodservice managers.

During this course, you will...

  • Learn the elements of an attractive plate presentation
  • Learn the mistakes of plate presentations so these can be avoided
  • Learn the basics of artistic composition so they can be employed to make every plate attractive both easily and quickly with confidence
  • Learn skills for using sauces and how to present them
  • Learn basic garnishes that are complementary and visually interesting and palatable for food
  • Learn where to go to stay up to date on trends and techniques for social media and industry lists
  • Get valuable feedback from a professional chef on your own photos

As a special treat today, I want to share this closer look at how to plate strawberry shortcake. How can you apply these strategies to your next cooking demo or presentation?

Check out these free samples and see if this course is right for you!

And here are some other cooking resources from the Nutrition Education Store!

PS: Don't miss the members-only post Improve Your Cooking Skills: Presentation. It features a fantastic video about preparing and presenting a healthful meal in an appealing manner, offering resources to help improve your cooking and presentation techniques along the way!

Pork Loin

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