Make a Great MyPlate Bulletin Board

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Make a great MyPlate Bulletin Board by following these easy directions!

Display a MyPlate poster in the center of the board. You can obtain a free poster download; visit and click on MyPlate - there is a downloadable link at the top. You can also find more free files for posters at

Post a featured MyPlate recipe each week. The recipe (or recipes) should help create a balanced plate. You can use several recipes to combine into the portions and proportions of a healthful meal as described by MyPlate; you can put together a few dairy snack and dessert ideas for the dairy serving.

Put up pictures of enticing aspects of MyPlate that can play a role in healthful meals. Post tipcards about serving sizes and ingredient selection. Add photos of produce that is in season right now to give folks ideas about what to serve on half their plate. Show boxes of whole grain foods like whole grain pasta, quick barley, brown rice or whole cous cous.

Include QR Codes, which allow viewers to click to see websites and recipes right on their phones.

Use the fun free clipart in our store in the MyPlate category to illustrate cartoons of plates getting in shape with whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

Use the “test drive” handout in our store to show how making a plate makeover with MyPlate saves about 600 calories.

Make a diagram of a plate makeover using the handout in our store - you can use photos pasted to a paper plate for illustration.

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