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Exercise During Your Lunch

You may only have 10 or 15 minutes, but take advantage of exercise during lunch.  Moderate exercise (300 calories/hour) for 10 minutes burns an average of  50 calories.  Exercise harder and/or have a body weight above 150 pounds and your calorie burn increases.  Here are the calculations of what this means in calories/burned/year.

Calories Burned in 10 minutes

1 day 2 days/week 3 days/week 4 days/week
1 week 50 100 150 200
1 month 200 400 600 800
3 months 600 1,200 1,800 2,400
6 months 1,200 2,400 3,600 4,800
1 year 2,400 4,800 7,200 9,600
Pounds/year .685 pounds 1.48 pounds 2.0 pounds 2.74 pounds


Small changes in energy expenditure really do add up.  It doesn’t take a lot of exercise to walk for 10 minutes.  Even if you don’t lose weight, you can eat extra calories without gaining!!  Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your 10 minutes:

  • Buy a step counter or pedometer.  Many step counters also measure distance.  See how many steps you can do in the 10 minutes.  As you become more fit, you’ll walk more steps in a shorter period of time.  It’s a good way to keep track of how much walking you do all day!!  Try walking up and down stairs as well as on the flat.  Bring a pair of tennis shoes to work and keep them there.
  • Purchase a set of hand weights and keep them at work.  When you have a break, do some arm exercises.  You’ll be amazed how quickly you get stronger.  Use them before or after your walk for more energy burn!  Ask you local health club to show you some hand weight exercises.  You can also go on line and find exercises there.  What weight level should you choose?  You should be able to comfortably lift the weight for 10 repetitions.  If you can do 15 repetitions, the weight is too light.  Go up a few pounds.
  • Don’t like walking?  Do some chair exercises.  Purchase a pair of leg weights and use them in your chair or on the floor of the break room.  Bring a mat and do straight and bent knee leg lifts.  Do leg swings as you hold onto a chair.  Practice getting in and out of your chair quickly.  Find a wall and do some basic squats using the wall as support.
  • Walking:  If the weather prevents you form going outside, walk inside your place of work or go somewhere to walk during your lunch break.  There are many large  stores where you can easily walk for 10 minutes.  It gets you out of the workplace and gives you a chance to stretch your legs.  In good weather, walk around the outside of your building.
  • Gym Time:  If you have the luxury of having a true lunch “hour”, consider going to your health club to get a workout.  It helps you avoid the excuse of “having to get home:!!

Exercise During Your Lunch

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