Best Lowcost Healthy Meal Ideas

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By planning meals around rice, pasta and potatoes you will use lower-cost ingredients. Use vegetables in season and store-brand frozen veggies in season. Think of meat as a condiment. Best of all, cook more and you can use it the next day or freeze for days when you are too busy to cook.
• Beans and rice
• Chili
• Bean soup
• Split pea soup
• Lentils with rice
• Chicken and rice
• Stirfry over rice
• Pasta and lentils
• Paella
• Risotto
• Lasagna
• Tuna and macaroni
• Pasta with veggies
• Vegetable soup
• Stew with potatoes and chicken
• Baked potato stuffed with broccoli

Compare cost per ounce:
Rice .03
Potatoes .03
Bananas .04
Cabbage .04
Carrots .05
Dried beans .06
Apples .06
Oranges .07
Oatmeal, grits .07
Pasta .08
Yogurt .09
Frozen veggies .09
Peanut butter .09
Soup .09
Broccoli .12
Tuna, canned .15
Chicken breast .18
Egg white .20
Cereal .25
Beef .25
Frozen meal .29
Bread .30
Chips .34
Cookies .38
Fish (frozen) .39
Cheese .46
Crackers .47
Cake, bakery .50
Deli meat .65


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