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We all know and love fresh fruits and vegetables, right? Well, June gives us an extra reason to celebrate: it’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month!

Here are some of my favorite resources for presentations, email blasts, recipes, games, and infographics that highlight fresh fruits and vegetables.

Celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month with… Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

This blog post is chock-full of fun ways for your clients to celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Don’t miss the ideas for a family garden, outings to farmers’ markets, and better meal planning!

Free Infographic for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

Infographics are versatile educational tools that work well as addendums to email blasts, elements of displays and bulletin boards, and even on their own as handouts. This infographic for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month features various common fruits and vegetables, highlighting exactly how much of each constitutes a MyPlate serving. It’s a great way to demystify the process of eating enough fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetable Riddles

Who doesn’t love a fun game? This collection of fruit and vegetable riddles comes straight from Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD, and is sure to pep up any presentation or session that you have planned for June.

Enjoy Summer Fruit!

There are lots of ways to make the most out of summer produce. This post highlights some of the easiest and most effective strategies to bring fruit into a healthy eating pattern this summer. With simple recipes and stunning pictures, Enjoy Summer Fruit has everything you need to boost a celebration of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For more great resources, visit the Nutrition Education Store at http://nutritioneducationstore.com! It’s full of posters, handouts, displays, games, prizes, and presentations that all feature lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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