Let’s Compare Some Snacks!

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Snack Comparison Let's Compare Some Snacks!When it’s time for a snack, there are a dizzying array of options available. But which snack will help you reach your health and nutrition goals? That’s what the chart above is for! Let’s look at the options, shall we?

Carrots are the lowest in calories and tie with an apple for the highest fiber levels per serving, Plus, with carrots you get a lot of food in a single serving. By contrast, a single serving of potato chips (while with only a fraction of the weight) manages to pack over three times the number of calories as a single serving of carrots.

It’s no surprise that the fruits and vegetables are highest in potassium, a nutrient which most Americans happen to under-consume in their eating patterns. Seek these out instead of sugary candy or yogurt cups (though yogurt itself can be good for you, if you pick one without added sugars and much of the fat).

Which snack will you choose?

By Judy Doherty, BS, PCII

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