Lesson 8: Skill List and Homework Upload

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Skill Building and Homework Sauce Skills

  • Remember the rule of thirds for the placement of the entrée or main subject on the plate
  • Prepare your favorite dinner or use the entree suggestion below.
  • Plate your dinner neatly, using the rule of thirds
  • Keep the plate very clean
  • Keep 1/3 of the plate or more blank
  • Do one of our tips to take your eye to the subject: leading line, s curve, color, height
  • Review the hierarchy of success strategies – did you follow them: quality ingredients, perfectly prepared,


Roast a chicken and some vegetables. Make an au jus lie from the pan drippings

Au jus lie:

Make 2 plates:

Plate your entrée using a ladle to make a small puddle on the plate and add your sliced chicken and accompaniments. Remember the rule of thirds for placing the chicken on the plate, keep 1/3 of the plate empty. Keep the rim of the plate neat.

Plate your sliced chicken on a line of sauce. Add accompaniments.

Buy some sushi in your grocery store. Plate it using the items given to you.

Upload a photo or a document with photos. We will review and send our comments back to you.

Once you are comfortable with plating proceed to the lessons on sauces and garnishes.

It is a good idea to sketch out your ideas before you start plating. If you visit the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, California (St. Helena) you will see drawings and sketches of plates by Grant Achatz displayed on the wall. Here are a few examples of the plated presentation sketches we made for this class:

all-plates plate-1 plate-2 plate-3 plate-4 plate-5 plate-6


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