Kitchen Hacks: Inspiration and Meal Perfection

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Ever feel uninspired in the kitchen?

Today I want to help with that. You see, I've discovered a way to reenergize your cooking with some simple web resources!

Often the best way to decide on dinner when you're in a rut is to read the blog of someone who is passionate about food. Their energy and creativity simply shine through each post, making it tough not to get caught up in their enthusiasm. And getting caught up in it is the perfect way to find fresh inspiration.

These bloggers don't necessarily have to be "healthy" chefs. Once you have the inspiration, you can transform any dish into a healthier version of the original. Going to these blogs is meant to reenergize you and offer new ideas.

Not sure where to start? Try some of these links...

Of course, if you have plenty of inspiration and are looking to elevate your kitchen game, I can't recommend thermometers highly enough! Cooking with thermometers is a great way to guarantee that your food will reach the perfect level of doneness, every time. The post Using a Meat Thermometer is a great introduction to this amazing kitchen tool, but I have since found a few new thermometers that can really help you improve your kitchen game!

Here's a thermometer that times the food according to internal temperature
With this handy tool, you'll never overcook fish or chicken again! Plus, you'll get beef and pork right every time!

Another handy option is this thermometer with updated USDA temperatures. Some of the guidelines have changed over the years -- for example, the USDA now recommends that chicken be cooked until it reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. That's a lot lower than 180 degrees, the previously recommended temperature!

Remember, don’t use an old thermometer!

And if you like what you see, don't miss these amazing kitchen and cooking resources from the Nutrition Education Store...

It's time for a bonus! Here's a new printable handout with the details from today's post...

Kitchen Hacks Inspiration

(PS None of this is sponsored -- I just want to share a few tips and tools that I love!)

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