Kitchen Hacks: Freeze It!

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It's time for another edition of kitchen hacks!

Today I want to focus on the freezer. Let's jump right in, shall we?

Kitchen Hack: Store Bacon in the Freezer

Bacon is high in calories and saturated fat, yet its flavor is quite compelling. To get all of the fun of having bacon in a dish without overloading the serving size, keep bacon in the freezer and slice off a tiny strip to use in cooked dishes. You'd be surprised how much smoky and salty goodness you can tease out of just a little bit of bacon.

This hack is perfect for foods like soup, steamed vegetables, and stir-fries. Plus, by keeping the bacon in the freezer, you extend its shelf life significantly without compromising flavor or texture. A single slab can last for months!

Not sure where to start? Try draping a single strip of bacon over a piece of baked chicken. Or use slices to sauté with kale or other greens. You could even start a soup by chopping and sautéing a slice or two of bacon. This is especially delicious in bean and lentil soups.

Kitchen Hack: Stock Up on Seafood

The freezer also comes in handy when you happen to catch a seafood sale at the grocery store. The next time a fish you like goes on sale, stock up so that you'll have enough for a few weeks.

Now here's the element that turns this bit of advice into an actual kitchen hack. For the best flavor and texture, freeze your seafood right when you get home. Fish freezes really well, even if it was frozen one time before.

Another way to make the most of this hack is to have a grocery store employee cut the fish into portion-sized pieces for you so that you can defrost only what you need when it's time to cook dinner.

When you want to cook the seafood, take the exact number of servings out of the freezer and defrost them slightly in the microwave. Place them in the oven or grill to cook. Be careful not to overcook your fish: see the previous kitchen hacks about using a thermometer for lean protein items for the best way to prepare your fish.

Like what you see? Here's a printable handout with all the details from today's post!

Kitchen Hacks: Freezer

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