Kitchen Hacks: Cook and Walk at the Same Time!

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There’s never enough time in the day to do everything we want, is there?

I was mulling that thought the other day as I put dinner in the oven, and then I had an epiphany! I was checking my watch as I set the timer for dinner and I realized that I had just enough time to go for a walk while my meal was baking. What a great opportunity to multitask — by baking my meal, I could prep dinner and meet my daily step goal all at once!

Baking offers some serious hands-off cooking time, which is perfect for busy nights when you need to do a few things at once.

To make the most of this kitchen hack, I found that it was easiest to toss a piece of frozen fish or chicken into a preheated oven with a potato or sweet potato, set the timer for an hour, and then go for a walk. With that approach, I routinely got home with just enough time to prep a simple salad or steam some veggies before pulling the rest of my meal from the oven and sitting down to a healthy dinner.

If you don’t have an hour to spare at dinnertime, I have an alternative kitchen hack for you. Cook a potato or sweet potato in the microwave for 3 minutes, then toss it into the oven with some slices of fresh (not frozen) chicken or fish. Now you have time for a 15-20 minute walk before returning to a perfectly-cooked dinner.

Remember to add an extra lemon or two to the baking sheet for a flavor boost!

Safety Note: Keep an eye on the time so your dinner is not over-cooked. Never leave items on the stove or in the microwave unattended.

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