Kitchen Hack: Fruit For Dessert In A Flash

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When it comes time to making a beautiful holiday dessert table, don't forget the fresh fruit that is in season now! You may still opt to have cookies, pies, and cakes, of course. But you should fill half or more of your table with fresh fruit.

It is ready in a few minutes and it adds beautiful color and variety to a holiday dessert table.

Collect a variety of footed bowls and cake stands so the fruit can have a nice presentation. We are always scouting ebay and sales in a variety of stores to find nice serving dishes that cost just a fraction of full retail prices.

Take a look at what we made so you get some ideas.

Fruit on a cake stand: apples, pears, cranberries, clementine oranges:


Clementines in a pretty blue bowl with leaves attached. Blue is the complementary color of orange and this beauty came from eBay:


Berries in a footed bowl. Another eBay treasure:


Here is a nice platter using just pears and apples, with a nice sprinkle of fresh cranberries:


And here is a picture with a combination of fruits. These took just minutes to make and they are ready to serve during conversation and coffee.


We hope you like these photos and fruit dessert and centerpiece ideas.

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