Kids Menu: Nutrition Disaster

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Just the Facts:
Most children’s menus are filled with choices that are high in calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium. The population of today’s kids is experiencing an increased rate of obesity and even rising blood pressure. Look at the typical choices for popular kid items below:
Tips for better kids meals:
• Share a healthy menu item with the kids. Ideas include low-fat salad and pasta with marinara sauce, grilled fish or chicken, baked potato and salad, soup and salad
• Visit salad bar type restaurants and places that offer low-fat options for salad, stirfry and pasta
• Skip the fried food. A trip through the local burger joint can stick to a hamburger, milk and fruit or salad.
• Involve kids in researching the nutrients for their favorite fast food restaurant menus. Have them visit the new FDA?site for Nutrition Facts Label reading so they can be aware of how to read a lable and what is in the food they are eating - visit for three easy lessons on serving sizes, calories and nutrients.
• Cook with your kids!!? lists the 5 top reasons to  cook with kids as: 1) It encourages kids to eat healthy; 2) It is bonding time for you and the kids; 3) It nurtures creativity; 4) It is fun; 5) Cooking can teach math and science principles!!


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