June 2020

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June 2020 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members:

Table of Contents:

  • Read-offline PDF newsletter
  • Research update for professionals
  • White label newsletter
  • Shareable articles and handouts
  • Graphic of the month
  • Special member-only discounts

Read-Offline PDF:

Here's the entire PDF edition of the June 2020 newsletter, ready for you to download to read offline, print for your next meeting or presentation, or distribute however you see fit!

Professional’s Corner:

  • Research Update: Keys to Long-Term Weight Control Success by James J. Kenney, PhD, FACN
  • White Label Newsletter: Here's the White Label Newsletter of the June 2020 newsletter that you can distribute as your own. You can even add your logo! This is perfect to copy into emails, blogs, newsletters, and handouts.

    • REMEMBER: The PowerPoint formatting of the White Label Newsletter is much easier to edit and we made this change thanks to a member who wanted to be able to edit everything very easily and even change pages out or add pages more easily. The size is letter size so you can save as PDF or export as jpeg, tiff (print), and even a movie with your voiceover. Give it a whirl!

Article Links to Share with Your Clients:

  1. Garlic Rainbow Chard by Judy Doherty, BS, PC II
  2. Mushroom Torta by Judy Doherty, BS, PC II
  3. Protein and Immunity by Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDE, CPT, CHWC
  4. Gut Bacteria Linked to Healthy Aging: Part Two by Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDE, CPT, CHWC
  5. Meals to Remember by Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD
  6. The Search for a Better Burger by Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, CHWC, FAND

June Graphic:

We wanted to share our victory garden as the graphic of the month. Now is the time to start gardening for a summer full of sunshine, exercise, and fresh veggies! Here you can see spinach, arugula, carrots, radishes, and two kinds of kale. 

Editor's Note:

I hope you and your family are staying safe. This is an unprecedented time, and my team and I are delving into all the research we can find that might make things easier and healthier for you and your clients, whether it’s digging into the role of protein in the immune system or evaluating fun foods to try at home during the quarantine or saving money on food cost. Take a look at this month’s issue to get everything we’ve found.

And remember, if there’s something you can’t find but would like to see, let us know right away by clicking “Contact Us” at the top of foodandhealth.com and we’ll get to work!

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